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50% commission is charged on all pre-owned items sold on your behalf - i.e. you will receive 50% of the final selling price when you sell your items at Nearly New Beginnings.


Items will be displayed for a total of 10 weeks. You may contact Nearly New Beginnings for a progress update on your items for sale at any time during the ten week selling period.


A 25% price reduction will automatically be applied to any item which has not sold after 8 weeks.


After 10 weeks, customers will be notified by their preferred method of contact. Money for items we have sold will be paid to customers at the end of the ten week selling period and on production of their Nearly New Beginnings receipt.


Any unsold items may be collected by their owner, or will be donated to charity.  

Please pop in to the shop for a copy of our full Terms and Conditions.


Privacy policy: Nearly New Beginnings will not sell, pass on or make available your personal information for email or third party marketing.