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If you have items to sell, please read the guidelines below.

Please contact the shop to arrange a time to drop off your items for appraisal. We will contact you within one week to make an offer to buy any items we can sell. 

Maximum 40 items please.

Larger items may be sold on a commission (50%) basis.

Children's clothing - sizes from birth to 14 years. Please note we are currently taking Spring & Summer clothing BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

  • All clothing must be freshly-washed and ironed.

  • We do not accept any clothing with stains, tears, holes, loose buttons, missing buttons, or clothes that smell musty or of cigarette smoke.

  • We do not accept hand knitted items.

Maternity Wear:

  • All maternity wear must be freshly-washed and ironed.


  • All toys must bear the CE mark.

  • Toys, games, jigsaws, DVDs, books and all other play equipment must be clean, complete and in good working order.

  • All toys must be in good condition with no sharp edges, no peeling paint or seams coming apart.

  • All battery-powered toys must contain working batteries. (Otherwise a charge of £1.00 per battery will be made.)


 Prams, pushchairs and buggies:

All vehicles must conform to British Safety Standard 7409 and must be permanently marked BS7409:1996 or BS EN 1888:2003 together  with the name or trademark of the manufacturer or  importer.

  • a permanent safety notice must be visible on the vehicle.

  • the brakes must be sound and have locks on both back wheels.

  • Manufacturers’ instructions must be provided for each vehicle and must include instructions relating to operation, assembly, use and maintenance. If you have lost your original instructions, please check the manufacturers’ website or contact the manufacturer for a replacement copy.

Please click here for information regarding the sale of car seats and travel systems.

Baby furniture and equipment:

  • All items must be complete, clean and in excellent condition.

  • Stair gates, bed guards and baby bouncers must have the correct fittings and instructions.

For safety reasons we cannot buy or sell the following:

  • Mains powered electrical equipment

  • Car seats – these can be advertised free of charge on our website and in our shop window

  • Cycle helmets

  • Mattresses, with the exception of travel cot mattresses.